Jul 19, 2011

"Beach Scene - revisited" after Edward Henry Potthast

"Beach Scene - Revisit" after Edward Henry Potthast
(4x4") - 201131 B, SOLD
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It's always kind of hard to get right back into things after setting out on a trip. Had a wonderful time in NC. Did lots of outdoor things with the family, much to my 12 year old daughter's dismay. The rest of us reveled in the chance to be in the mountain region. I even crossed an item off my outdoor bucket list. My first time rock climbing! What a thrill! In fact, it's back on my bucket list because I definitely want to do it again. Today's post is actually a revisit of the painting I did several weeks back. After completing a second one, much like the first in approach, I wanted to do a third, trying for a more direct & decided approach. I like the result very much and am hoping that what I've now learned in these studies will carry over to my own work. I've got lots of photos of youngsters playing in the water and on the rocks, so I'm excited to try. My only real worry is that people nowadays just aren't as romantic looking as those from a hundred or so years ago. The colors are much more harsh. I'll be using a lot of what I learned by my Potthast studies in the colors of skin and clothing. We'll see....
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Roxanne Steed said...

ohh- I think the techniques & things you've gained in these Potthast studies would lend themselves well to "modern day" folk...only the dress is different, but so many of the activities are pretty similar. Can't wait to see what you'll be up to next!

Sriks said...

good one!

DBarnes said...

Wow, Sally.

Your eye for color is just incredible. The shadows and subtleties of fabric in this one just rock.

Still cant believe all the stuff you're cramming into a 4x4 space. You're still one of my favorites. Catch me on Facebook sometime.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I gotta look at Potthast's work again after seeing thes.
Slam bangin'!!