Jul 22, 2011

"Playing on the Rocks"

"Playing on the Rocks"
 (4x4") - 201143, SOLD
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It only took 3 times, but here it finally is! A painting of my very own, heavily influenced by my good bud Potthast. While in NC, I took lots of photos to be used as reference in my new work. As I stated in my last post, I worried about keeping what I felt would be appealing color and style in the clothing and hair. Call me a prude, but I just don't get today's fashions that kids are wearing these days. So I drew from what I learned in the past month's studies, and am quite happy with the results. I know you'd be hard pressed to find girls wearing dresses & bows while playing on rocks, but I just couldn't help myself. I hope I'll get some feedback from ya'll!

I also wanted to talk a little about 'stuff'. As many of you who read my blog know my dear father passed away in January. He would have been 87. Had I not had the privilege of spending the last 7 months tending to my mother's new needs as a widow - getting to know and admire who she is and learning more about love, nurture and care - I think I'd have gone off the deep end with despair. My father and I were the best of friends, and I am honored to have been raised in the care of a truly delightful man. And now it seems that my mom's destiny is to return to central NY, where the Cummings clan hails from. My feelings are mixed; some happy; some hopeful, some anxious, some heartbroken, and some relieved. And many more in between. What I do know is that I won't spend a minute of my life believing that any stone was left unturned. Mom is thrilled to be closer once again to my sisters and their families. She's been getting to know her great grandkids, which is undoubtedly her greatest joy in life. She has much to look forward to - visits with extended family, fall colors on the leaves, snow on Christmas eve, and a sense of 'home'. I will miss her in my daily life, but I know she's in the right place and I will see her soon. God bless, mom!
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Anonymous said...

great job doing these studies!! They are all beautiful with rich color balance. Nice knife work!
Barbara Flowers

Typh said...

Hi Sally! I love knife.
Great paintings!

Frank - Italy.

Ann Gorbett said...

I have been loving your Potthast paintings and this original of yours is just as wonderful. I am sorry to read about your father. I wish the best for your mother in her new location.

Ellen Schauer said...

The cute little dresses and bows in adventurous outdoor settings is what first attracted me to your paintings. I was referred to as a Dainty Little Tomboy all my life so am one with your paintings. although not doing technical drawings, I am very rigid and precise in my art (which I have finally gotten back to after 30 years raising a family) and look forward to your influence to loosen me up. Love, love, love your work!!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Wow Sally. AS a tiny thumbnail this reads like a shot. I love the "detail" with such loose but well placed brushwork. This is a wonderful painting.
Your comments about your parents are so touching. Beautiful to read and I am so sorry about your father.

Nancy Hawkins said...

The beach scenes are wonderful Sally. I also love how you dressed the children. nancy