Jan 30, 2012

"Big Sis, Little Sis"

"Big Sis, Little Sis"
 (4x4") - 201201, SOLD
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Been so long since I last posted that I nearly forgot how to log in. Late last fall I went through a major guilt phase for abandoning my painting - once again; turning to the business of the midlife crisis. Or something there-abouts. Had lots of time to redefine and clarify what makes my life tick in ways that don't interfere with fate. Feeling great these days and much better balanced. Mom had a great experience back up in NY for 6 months and then decided, with our support, that she'd be best off here in Florida. So she returned 2 weeks ago. Last Wednesday marked the first anniversary of my dad's passing. Time has healed us a great deal, and we're able to talk often about what a joy he was without drowning in pools of our own tears, snot and drizzle.

As for my painting, I'm going to pick up where I left off last summer. Figures in stark sunlight, near the water, are still intriguing me and I feel there's more to do. To start off, I'm revisiting the roll of photos that I have from our summer vacation in NC. This scene is from the same swimming hole as in my last post, "Playing on the Rocks". I've dropped the frilly bells and whistles (no bows or petticoats...) and gone straight to the actual scene. Changed the color of the girls' bathing suits, but other than that, it's true to the times.
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Ruth Andre said...

Sally, It is so good to see your blog post and your new painting. I was for one wondering what had happened to you. It sounds like you are back and ready to paint. I wanted to also say you have inspired me to try some palette knife landscapes myself. Thank-you!

Diane Hoeptner (hep-ner) said...

So glad to have you back, Sally! This is absolutely stunning, can't wait to see more!!

Ed Valdizan said...

Sally, I´m happy you are back posting. This is a great artwork, love the dark background on this one.

A Painter's Journal said...

Welcome back Sally. I am so glad to know you are well and excited to paint. I look forward to seeing your new work!

David J Teter said...

Sally, Happy to see you back!
Understanding previous work was a result of studying Potthast I think it is a good move to drop the frilly bells whistles (bows and petticoats).

YOUR more contemporary work should ultimately, IMHO, reflect that, ... our times.