Feb 24, 2012

"Walking with Ellie"

"Walking with Ellie"  
(4x4") - 201205 SOLD
I really am happy with this one, which I have to admit, feels great.  Some paintings come out horrendous; some are acceptable but the gut connection isn't quite there; and some I love. I feel the light in this one, and working with predominantly cooler colors (except for the spots of rose, pinks and corals - and the green in the hair) isn't something I lean towards.  There is a compositional glitch at the bottom where I didn't hit the mark with placement of the figures, but I feel the rest has enough virtue to overshadow that mistake.  Some day I will venture into larger scale canvases, I think.

I am going to send out the formal workshop announcement later tonight or tomorrow. Again, there will be 6 spots available. Three day workshop; end of March; $325.

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Lora said...

Your painting has such a beautiful flowing movement!
This painting makes me want to pick up my palette knife again.

Jacki Newell said...

Love this, Sally! Such a loose fluid feel. I am amazed at the wateriness of the water. Are you using palette knife only or brushes too? Lovely colors.