Mar 5, 2012

"Hermit Crabs"

"Hermit Crabs"  
(4x4") - 201206 SOLD
I struggled quite a lot through the middle stages of this painting.  Just couldn't decide which direction to go with it.  Finally settled on using the brightest of the whites to direct the eye in a triangular shape through the composition.  This is a very high key piece. By nature it poses the challenge of creating a respectable painting whose only appeal isn't just that it's sweet. I absolutely wouldn't let this go until it reached a point where I personally saw artistic growth and areas that had some virtue.  Alas, I just couldn't resist adding the bows at the end.  The ONLY reason I added them (I think...) is to help the composition.  I'm pleased with the outcome.

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DBarnes said...

Hey, Sally! Nice piece. Great palette and use of small space. I think the bows were a clincher for this one. If you dont mind, I'll post it over at My Art Friends, unless you'd rather (which would be awesome. You have some fans over there.)

Carmel Georgescu said...


Erik said...

Very inspirational design and beautiful application of paint. Love your work!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

this is just fabulous. The shapes are great and the colors are understated but rich. I can't get over the 'detail' you get with the palette knife !