Mar 8, 2012

"Skinny Dipping", I

"Skinny Dipping", I 
 (4x4") - 201207, SOLD
See "Skinny Dipping", II above to complete the pair! 

I had a whole bunch to say about this painting...until I threw my back out bending over to pick up a grape.  Let's see, last time I calculated, I was only 45 years old.  How does this happen?  Hopefully I'll feel better enough tomorrow to jot some of my thoughts down. I will say that I'm pleased with the outcome.  It went back and forth; and back and forth - until finally the elements came together well enough to feel balanced and harmonious to me.  

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Ruth Andre said...

Sally, This is a wonderful painting. Love the composition and the feeling of the rushing water and the nude is fabulous.

David J Teter said...

OK, I'll say it... (and I did the same, tweaked my back simply bending over, without even lifting a thing...)

This is a great little painting Sally.
The single centered figures are tough to avoid a static image but you have nice angles throughout.

Angles in the background, middle ground, foreground, hair, arms, as well as the implied angle from fingertips to fingertips of the hands (the figure NOT standing parallel to the picture plane), and back give it nice movement AND DEPTH.

The chocolately swirls in foreground reflections are so great.
The figure is solid with it's planar paint application but still fluid and loose, that right arm especially, is simply gorgeous!

... and nice touch with the solid color area around the head, same value but separation by texture and size of strokes.

This is clearly one of your best yet. Love it!
Keep painting...

Guy Fox said...

Gorgeous painting. Absolutely gorgeous. But ... how sad to think that Skinny is dipping alone.

Ruth Armitage said...

Hi Sally,
I'm visiting from Donna Zagotta's blogs to watch for 2012. Love your work and look forward to following your painting adventures!

kaya casper said...

i like how the almost geometric planes come together to describe the figure, and the chocolatey waves in front.

Maire said...

Hi, Sally.

I used your lovely painting of the skinny dipper on my Facebook page, Dip in the Nip, and credited you in it. I hope that's ok.

Máire Garvey