May 31, 2012

"Skinny Dipping", II

"Skinny Dipping", II 
See the first Skinny Dipping below to complete the pair!
(4x4") - 201210, BOTH SOLD
This painting completes a pair - see the first Skinny Dipping a few posts down.  It's a trick trying to render a nude figure whilst maintaining a pure quality.  Nothing wrong with a little seduction. But I feel that an image with even the slightest bit of 'sexy' takes too much away from the virtues of the painting in and of itself. The smallest twist in the stance of the figure can make a huge difference. Hips, in particular, and shoulders too.  I'm not convinced that I didn't avoid it, but I did give it a try. 
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1 comment:

David J Teter said...

Hi Sally,
These two do make a great pair.
...and you did avoid 'sexy'. I would say they are casual nudes, not posing, not overt in any way.
I would say they are great little studies if not for how well you worked them out... they are finished little gems.