May 27, 2012

"Walking in the Hills" after Edward Henry Potthast

"Walking in the Hills" after Edward Henry PotthasT
(4x4") - 20120, SOLD 

I came across a few more of Potthast's paintings that reeled me in.  More that I had to challenge myself with.  Hats seem to be hard for me and I'm not sure why.  They're shapes are so simple. You have to remember to follow the shape of the head that's underneath - otherwise the hat can end up looking like a top hat, or a chef's hat - or just plain buffoonery. I've learned SO much from these little studies that I'm hoping to carry over into larger paintings of my own subjects.  Right now I'm working on a commission - my first attempt at translating the tiny to the huge.  I really prefer working with wet, juicy paint.  Easy to do when there's not much space to cover.  Much harder with a large piece because of the obvious additional time it takes to develop the image.  I'm going to post it when it's finished and will talk a little about the insights I've gained during the process.  Happy Memorial Day!!
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Ruth Andre said...

Sally, This is a fabulous painting. How you added so much subject matter to this tiny canvas is a wonder all its own. Looking forward to seeing the larger commissioned work. Super as always!

Carmel Georgescu said...

Wonderful! Great work Sally.I like it very much!