Jun 19, 2012

"At the Beach" (yellow skirt) after EH Potthast

"At the Beach" (yellow skirt) after EH Potthast
(4x4") - 201215, SOLD
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I have some 4x4" gesso board that's been laying around for a while, and I finally decided to go ahead and give it a try for painting.  My usual surface is Centurion oil primed linen that I cut down and mount onto gator board.  It's been my preference for about 2 years (after I went on a spree buying and trying all different kinds of 'stuff' to get the best of what I'd need to kill as many birds with one stone as possible).  I really enjoyed the gesso board though I believe there was some absorption of the paint rather than what I'm used to with the linen.  The linen allows the paint to sit on top of the surface more.  Just the same, I think I'll do several more like this to see where it goes. 
About workshops - so many have asked, and yes, I still do them and I am in the process of putting together the next few for this year.  Probably will aim for 2 more.  (Next year I will be teaching in GA, and hopefully in TX - thanks to the honor of being invited as a Signature Member of Contemporary Fine Art International).  I have also put feelers out for the central NJ area). I'll keep everyone posted.
Anyone who has asked, I've put you on the list of artists who are interested. 

Finally, I believe I'm going to send out a short questionnaire soon to ascertain who is interested in studying what.  My endeavors & methods have changed a lot since I first began teaching a few years ago, and I'd hate to plan something that not everyone was expecting.

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