Jun 3, 2012

"Sandcastles & Sunshine"

"Sandcastles & Sunshine" 
(4x4") - 201211, SOLD

Bright hot sunshine - blinding even; hopefully.  In painting, as in life, everything is relative.  Nothing exists without at least one counterpart. Thank God for that.  And yet I frequently find myself with tunnel vision, forgetting this basic concept.  I must practice the habit of disengaging from a 'problem' at the very moment I become aware of it. When something starts to look hopeless and troublesome, remember that there's always at least one other way to have a look at it, and always a way out : )
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carol morgan carmichael said...

Yikes! This is SO good!

Carmel Georgescu said...

Cute! Summer is the time to find such subjects :)