Jul 8, 2012

"Afternoon Fun" after EH Potthast

"Afternoon Fun" after EH Potthast
(4x4") - 201217,  SOLD

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Bon voyage..... At last, our summer vacation has arrived!  We'll be heading out tomorrow morning; returning next weekend. I will not be bringing my painting equipment, but will have my camera close by.  This is one of the years we'll go to Anna Maria Island here in Florida.  PLENTY of beach scenes!
All I'm bringing is my suit, hat, sunscreen & flip flops.  Oh - a beach chair too (critical). Today's painting was all about cadmium yellow.  It's a tricky one, to be sure.  For me anyway.  It rather goes along with the last study I did of Potthast (below), Balloon Vendor.  Though this time I really wanted to explore what cool, cold weather light looks like.  This too is on gesso board.  I'm loving it!

Don't forget - if you happen to be in the Orlando area during the month of July, you can see my paintings in person at Steinway Piano Gallery (SEE BELOW ANNOUNCEMENT FOR INFO).  There will be an artists' reception on Thursday July 12th, from 6-9.  It's not likely that I will be able to be there, but I will have a 'spokesperson' there to talk to.  I can also meet people by appointment anytime after July 16th.

There's much in the works lately, and though you haven't heard from me in over a week, rest assured I am working away at organizing my upcoming year.  Workshop Survey will hopefully go out tonight.  However - as you know, I am known to have a hard time doing things exactly when I hope too.
Anyone who has recently asked, I've put you on the list of artists who are interested and you will be part of the survey.  I want to get some idea of where and when the vast majority of folks would be able to attend.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sally,
Your style is definitely very nice! Keep up the good work.
Jorne Langelaan

Portrait Painting By Johanna Spinks said...

Enjoy your interpretations of Potthast paintings.