Mar 12, 2013

"Oceantide" by Sally Shisler

"Oceantide" by Sally Shisler
(4x4") - 201303,  SOLD

This last few days I have worked on painting nude figures.  I am reminded of what I learned in school when I studied medical illustration - avoid provocative focal points. It's natural for the eye to be drawn to human 'parts'. We all know what they are. (Kind of like faces where the eyes, nose and mouth can easily be hastily rendered with symbols that we learn).  It can be challenging to avoid bringing too much focus to these areas, but when it's done effectively, the painting can become more than a sexy picture.  Hopefully I've achieved that here. 
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Linda kristeff said...

These last two were beautiful! There is so much movement in the nude painting I actually looked at the waves first!

David J Teter said...

Hi Sally,
Good to see you back at it. It looks like you haven't lost a step. These last two figures are very fluid and bold.
Keep painting...

Sergio DS said...

She looks like a mermaid or a Venus. Love it!