Sep 1, 2013

Bosc Pears by Sally Shisler
4x4" - 20134,  SOLD

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a chance to enjoy summer activities these past few months.  My family and I did an amazing, once in a lifetime venture cross country in my husband's restored (by him -  a VW restoration pro) early 80's Vanagan camper.  Yep - breathtaking and breathholding all at once.  From Florida, all the way to California, with only two VW sketchy moments in between.  As probably everyone knows,  the temps in the middle of the country were broiling hot. Almost unbearable throughout the southern states. But the camper was a champ and before long we were in Arizona, where we all breathed a sigh and a gasp.  Relief first - clean, dry air second. Oh what a wonderful trip we had.  Camped at the Grand Canyon first for about 5 days.  My lord - you could have left me there and I'd have been happy to while away my life in that slice of heaven on earth! Next big stop was Limekiln State Park on the CA coast, not far south of Carmel.  Gorgeous, spectacular, awe inspiring bit of our country.  We stayed there for 5 days too, but boy was I chilled to the bone!  A polar opposite of the hotter parts of the country.  Loved it - but wished we could have worn shorts at least for one afternoon.  After 2 nights of sleeping in the tent freezing to death, I decided to just put on most of the long sleeve/long pants clothes I brought along.  No matter; we defrosted somewhat in San Fran, but not much.  Too much to write about, but those of you who either live there, or have visited, you know know all about it.  Only painted 2-3 times.  Got discouraged and started feeling like I was missing out on seeing more sights.

Soooooo - a few months ago I started teaching painting classes at Michael's Arts and Crafts.  Love teaching, but had a huge learning curve with the acrylic paints I'm required to teach with. Still baffled by how to get more of an oil painting look.  Tried a few different mediums, but just can't get the depth and lush of oil.  The students are doing great though.  Yesterday was our monthly still life subject study.  I finally am beginning to see how to finesse the brushwork with acrylic and was so excited, I wanted to give it a go in my usual 4x4" format.  Thus a new start/direction for now.  I believe I'll pursue more still life study on my own and keep posting to the blog.  Comments are desired!

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suzannepaints said...

Oh, I love it! Just returning from freezing in Carmel. I had the most magnificent time there painting but had to take my palette into full sun to survive. Beauty and serenity. Your pair is perfect.

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Lovely work, Sally ~ such beautiful color and energy in this piece.

Bruce Bingham said...

I'm really loving all the surface texture!

Bruce Bingham said...

Loving all your surface texture!