May 23, 2017

Sale paintings

Lots of oldies but goodies at a fraction of the original prices.
Contact me by email if you'd like to make a purchase.
Please note both the title and number of the painting as it appears here.
Shipping will be additional. Paypal only please.
Happy shopping!

1. 8x10" waves crashing over rocks, acrylic. No frame. $50

 2. 8x10" beach palm tree, acrylic. No frame. $50

  3. 8x10" large white wave, acrylic. No frame. $50

 4. 8x10" overlooking rocks and sea, acrylic. No frame. $50

 5. 12x16" Pastor Jeff's House, oil. No frame. $75

 6. 12x16" Up on Lust Road Hill, oil. No frame. $75

7. 12x16" sunset road scene, oil. No frame. $75

8. SOLD 4x4" Impatience II, oil. No frame. $25

9. 5x7" Twilight Reflection, oil. No frame. $40

10. 4x6" mountain abstract, oil. No frame. $40

12. 5x7" From Quiet Corner, oil. No frame. $40

13. 5x7" Limekiln State Park 1, oil. No frame. $40

14. 5x7" Limekiln State Park 2, oil. No frame. $40

15. SOLD 6x6" Valley View, oil. No frame. $40

16. SOLD 6x8" Home in the Woods, oil. 

17. SOLD 8x10" Cools of the Forest, oil. No frame.

18. SOLD 8x10" Connie's Pasture, oil.

19. SOLD 8x10" Morning Feed, oil.

20. 8.5x11" Shropshire Orchids, oil. No frame. $55

21. SOLD 12x12" Desert Brush, oil.

22. SOLD 11x14" Polasek Trees, oil.

23. 11x14" Pastoral Peace, oil. No frame. $75

24. SOLD  11x14" Cools of the Forest, oil.

 25. 6x6" Desert Mount, oil. No frame. $50

26. SOLD 4x4" Amber Fall, oil. No frame. $20

27. SOLD - 3x3" Rocks, Trees & Water, oil. With frame. $25

28. 3x3" Dusk in Cream, oil. With frame. $25

29. 9x12" A Nice Merlot, acrylic. No frame. $75

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