Apr 25, 2017

"Blue Water Wings"

"Blue Water Wings" 
4x4" oil on gessoboard. Sally Shisler, 2017.
Please inquire by email at scshisler@gmail.com

Can't believe it's now only 3 months 'til I finish school and begin practicing as an Occupational Therapy practitioner! It was seeming like a long haul when I last posted on this blog, but soon the dream will be reality. My last post gives an idea of the direction I'm heading in OT. I had the honor of working with traumatic brain injury and stroke patients last term. These are very unique individuals with complex rehab needs that combine mental and physical recovery. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a major player. Happily, art therapy has proven to be a very effective form of remediation! I'll be delving deeply into the how's and why's of it while writing my last research paper before I graduate. It's going to be a very busy 3 months. Stay tuned for my next post : )

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