Nov 11, 2014

A Little Pop of Red

A Little Pop of Red
12x9" #201450
Oil on museum board
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As I've said before, it's always best to get your thoughts down immediately after finishing a painting.  Just as in the painting process itself, going back to rekindle is hard to do. This painting was finished on Sunday, so we're talking 2 days later here.  My goal was to bring lots of color variety into this 'say cheese' painting. (Cheese as in smile for the camera...not cheese as in cheesy painting; I hope.) Before I write the rest of this post, I need to say that this painting seems a little bit cattywampus, but I still am very happy with it : )
If you are looking at a good deal of classical painting, you will notice that painting a smile seems to be a questionable decision. I guess because it doesn't seem natural for a model to pose that way for an extended period?  Or because the look just isn't as languid? I think it's hardest to paint a face that is looking straight at you. Getting the symmetry is difficult to do without creating an overworked look.  Getting an eyeball placed into the skull accurately is hard enough to do, but then achieving a graceful passage of skin tissue over the sockets and eyeball is really a killer. When you get caught up in what you think you know about eyes vs. what you are actually seeing, you are destined for a struggle. With palette knife especially because in trying to achieve a fresh, pure stroke AND getting it placed accurately, you are likely to face a downright wrestling match.  Then you have the nostrils and the flares that define the edges of the nose around them. And underneath that is the pair of gentle slopes and a valley that lie above the upper lip.  Lips should be easy, but they are elusive too. There is the jawline and another slope of skin tissue that joins with the neck, which is positioned center and toward the back. I'll stop there, except to say that if all else fails, there is always hair that can be tousled around; flipped out, or under; placed over a bad eye - you get the idea.  Putting it all together is a trick. It's worth the time to really study anatomical structure from all angles. Just do it!


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