May 15, 2015


All original oil paintings below are priced at $50 each; many include a frame, others do not. Price is still $50.  Unless otherwise indicated, size is 4x4". S/H is an additional $15.  I accept Paypal payment only.  First come/first served, so email me right away if you see something you like!

1. Untitled; 3x3"; comes with frame

 2. Inspiration; 3x3"; comes with frame

 3. Untitled; 3x3" comes with frame

4. Another Country Scene; 4x4"; SOLD

5. Untitled; 5x5"; no frame available
6. Boathouse; 4x4"; SOLD

7. Untitled; 4x4"; no frame available

8. Untitled; 6x6; no frame available

9. A Fall Day; 3.75x3.75"; no frame available

10. In the Shade; 7x5" framed

11. In the Spotlight; 7x5" framed
12. Off the Wall; 4x4"; SOLD

13. Drum Solo; 4x4" SOLD

14. Red Velvet; 5x3" no frame available

15. Twirling - no frame available

16. Under the Umbrella; 4x4" framed.

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